Common Marriage Stress Factors

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Unmanaged stress within a marriage can lead to disputes and eventually divorce

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By practicing fair and rational communication skills, most problems can be worked out

New Marriages Seem to Overlook Stressful Situations

For many couples, a new marriage quickly becomes a wonderful experience full of many delightful moments; however, sometimes a marriage hits a rough patch or two. Often an event or a difficult moment in life puts one or both of the partners under additional stress. In most cases, the couple weathers the storm and continues on in their relationship.

Financial Challenges Almost Always Create Stress

From time to time, a married couple experiences a financial challenge or two. It could be that one person wants to spend money on a vacation, while the other person believes it would be better to save for retirement. Differences of opinion on how to handle the bills can lead to arguments that get out of hand. This results in a strain on the marriage relationship.

Bringing the Pressures from Work into the Home

Sometimes a spouse is required to work extra hours at a job. In other situations, each spouse works at different times of the day. This can cause one or both persons to miss important family events or to spend less intimate time with their spouse. The stress of not spending time with each other can lead to the feeling of not being loved or suspicion of infidelity.

Expect the Unexpected Changes During a Marriage

A strong marriage will last for a long time. But over the years, people change during different periods of their lives. The husband who was content to spend his weekends at home with the family may now want to go out fishing with the guys. The wife who was happy to do all the housework may wish to go back to college. Spouses should look to embrace change and growth.

The Importance of Good Communication

No matter what factor is causing stress in a marriage, good communication helps a loving couple work out many problems. By taking the time to listen to each other, a committed couple will strengthen their marriage. A spouse who takes the time to explain his or her reasons and motivations behind an action allows the stress in a marriage to resolve positively.

Take Control of Marriage Stresses Before It Turns Bad

When the stresses of marriage are not dealt with properly, it can lead to infidelity, alcoholism, and domestic violence. If a spouse feels threatened or in danger, he or she should seek help from a domestic violence attorney who knows the options that can be taken to resolve the matter, from getting temporary shelter to a separation and eventual divorce.